How to Wipe a Hard Drive using Disk Wiping Software?

Replace the old and failed with the new and good. That’s a fundamental law applied to all areas of technology. This holds especially true for drives at a data center. Failed drives are replaced with new ones as a standard process. This ensures optimal operation of servers and storage arrays. And the drives that are no longer to be used are either stored as junk or sent back to the original manufacturer. In rare cases, they are even destroyed physically.

Avoiding Drawbacks of Standard Data Disposal

While all of the above-mentioned disposal ways are commonly followed, none of them is fully secure and each has its drawbacks. Drive stored as junk if stolen could lead to disasters data leaks. The same could happen to drives that are sent to the original manufacturer. Physical destruction though sounds fool proof may not be followed as per regulations and might incur costs from not manifesting warranties.

By far the safest approach out of the above techniques is to send the drives to the manufacturer after completely erasing them using proper hard drive wiping software. This technique offers many advantages such as better security, regulatory compliance, cost saving and efficient data disposal.

Risks of data Breach at Drive Storage Facilities

No matter how you’re tempted to be lazy and just store old failed drives at your organization’s storage facility, it is in fact a very risky thing to do. Such stored failed drives pose a great security risk. Popular surveys indicated that failed drives stored at organizations typically get stolen and result in theft of employee and organization data causing loss of money and reputation.

With the progress in the data recovery field, data can be extracted from even failed drives. Hence it becomes crucial to erase all data from failed drives to ensure that even if they are stolen, they are nothing more than pieces of hardware junk. Not taking proper measures for data disposal might sometimes land organizations up in legal trouble too as companies performing audits often check this aspect and emphasize doing so.

Benefits of Erasing Failed Drives

Following data erasure has its perks. For starters, it is cost saving from the point of view of manufacturer warranties. If a drive fails and quick measures are taken to safely erase it and send it back to the manufacturer, it will get replaced thus ensuring safe data disposal and new equipment procurement without incurring any major cost. Plus it is a better long-term situation since it reduces junk accumulation.

Secondly, as pointed above, the risk of data breaches from failed drives is effectively eliminated.

Thirdly, using a drive and then safely disposing it off on failure ensures you’ve extracted the most out of your investment on it so the ROI is maximized.

Procuring Software for Data Erasure

Everything above said, it would be a great idea to know about and keep at least one data erasure software at hand for such situations. This will make sure that if a drive fails, it can be immediately erased and sent back to the manufacturer. Losing time in searching for data erasure software at such a crucial juncture would pose two risks – expiring of the manufacturer warranty and risk of the drive getting stolen.

Hence, as a good approach, all organizations should inculcate the habit of and in fact standardize the procurement of good quality data erasure software. A recommended product for this purpose is BitRaser.

BitRaser – Software for Securely Wiping Hard Drive Data

As the name suggests, BitRaser is efficient hard drive data wiping software that serves your needs for a managed & certified data erasure solution that supports internal & external corporate audit requirements. It excels in the task of erasing data beyond recovery from PCs, laptops, external storage media, servers and RAID. You can even operate it via network to simultaneously erase as many as 254 drives at once. The software meets and in fact exceeds statutory compliance needs. Key benefits offered by BitRaser include:


  • Secure Data Erasure
  • Manageability of IT Assets Disposition Process
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Saving of Time and Resources
  • Lower Operational Cost

Final Words

Don’t let your ignorance become your handicap. Realize the importance of efficient and safe data erasure from failed drives and rope in reliable data erasure software like BitRaser today.