Whats the cheapest smartphone you have bought?

Smartphones are almost a must in the age of interconnectedness we live in today. From facebook to skype to different messenger to social media, the world has truly become closer than it ever was since the start of recorded civilization.

Regardless of how less you may have spent nothing will beat the price for the phone you are about to hear. What if I tell you the worlds cheapest smartphone is a jaw dropping $4 ? Would you believe it? The stunning fact is it definitely exists. The next question. Is this smartphone going to stay and become the game changer in the world of tech? The answer is definitely not. This smartphone has caused immense controversy which we are going to explore in this piece.

Ringing-Bells--Freedom 251-4 dollars

The Indian company which owns this smartphone is called Ringing Bells. The really bizzarre thing about this phone is that the company is not making a dime on this. Infact it is making a $2 loss for each smartphone it makes. For a business model it sounds insane and non sustainable at the very least. What is leaving everyone in the industry baffled is why on earth are they doing this. Is it a marketing gimmick or have they unearthed the holy grail of smarphone production. Cheap prices with reasonable specs.

Freedom 251 features

The specs for Freedom 251 include a four inch display with a decent 960×450 screen size and a camera with a 3.2 mexa pixel strength and even a front camera. To sum it up for a $4 its nothing short of mind boggling. According to a Ringing Bell exec the company has been partnering with others to pre install apps so as to cut costs down. On closer inspection a far more disturbing reality reveals itself. If one looks closely you can clearly see a curious white material which when removed exposes that the phone is actuallya cloaked Adcom ikon 4.

Adcom to their credit have not taken any legal actions yet but expressed great surprise that their devices arwe being used in this bizzarre way. This opened awhole new can of worms with Ringing Bells falling under police investigation. The investigation is there to find how is the business able to sell at such a meagre price. To date there has been no update to the investigation which adds to strangeness of the whole story. It doesnt stop here. In a sudden twist the company’s GM Anmol Goel told an Indian newspaper that the company may or may not ship more units. In more astonishing events the GM asked India’s PM for adirect support of $ 7.4 Billion. Mohits vision according to himself is to make sure every Indian has a smartphone in his hands.

Whatever the motivation the details on this case are still murky and it is still unclear what the future is for this troubled company once touted as the new shining star in the tech world.