What really happens if your Galaxy S7 falls into water

Samsung has done extensive work on protecting its phones against the likes of water for several years now. For that purpose they launched Galaxy S7 Active which is bilt for more rugged use. The device is suppposed resist the effects of immersion in water depth of 5 feet for over 30 minutes. Those claims were put to stringent tests and unfortunately the results were not satisfying. Consumer tests were performed and the results were so disappointing that Samsung had to be contacted to look into and rectify the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails Our Dunk Test | Consumer Reports


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Galaxy S 7 Active drowns in the water?

Here is what happened during the testing. The Galaxy S7 Active was immersed in five foot water for thirty minutes as per the timer. The results were as following. When the phone was taken out from the water the display was showing green lines and bubbles of water were also clearly there on both front as well as the rear camera. The most damning element was the non responsiveness of the display. The next phase was to see if anything changed over the space of next few days. The phones functionality became progressively worst as the LED display kept lighting but it was next to impossible to understand the contents of the display. In short the phone became useless.

According to Samsung, they received next to no complaints and if they did the phones were under warranty so there was nothing the consumers had to worry about. The company said that the chances of a defective device are quite unlikely but there may be an off chance that a phone may not be as water tight as it should be. Additionally it stated that all phones go through extensive testing and are certified under IP68 for water resistance. The phones not only meet but exceed industry standards. Finally they also maintain that they are in constant communication with the consumer group to better understand what went wrong.

Is it consumer report bias towards Samsung which has led to such scathing results? Not at all. The reports have glowing praise for the other flagship devices including Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Both phones easily passed the water resistance compliance test and topped Consumer report ratings with amazing scores on each and every specification including battery, camera and display.

Galaxy S7 was launched by AT&T in June quite posthumously. The phone was primarily made for rugged extreme use staying in pristeen shape even in harsh conditions. The phone is built to resist shattering, temperature, water and dirt. In short it is a dream phone for folks that usually travel a lot or live in more difficult terrains. Having said that the device certainly needs a few tweaks before it can live up to its lofty expectations.