The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8, is not a joke, even if at first glance may seem like a child’s toy! But if you try to press a key, you will see the display that lights up and sounds, you will hear the tones just like a cell phone. And then you will realize that it is in every respect a mobile phone with the only difference that it is very very small!
LONG-CZ J8, this is his name, is a mini GSM phone 7 x 2 cm with Bluetooth, FM radio and some basic functions. It costs $ 20 if imported from China, and from 30 to $ 50 if purchased on ebay, amazon or other similar.

According to what you read on the net, among its curious features it is the fact that, being constructed without the use of metal parts, is not detected by metal detectors. Its chassis weighs just 18 grams and its construction is not really all plastic. In fact, it uses a 260 mAh battery, microUSB connector on the side, the circuits, a mini speaker and a mini antenna.

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8 Data Sheet

Let us now the complete specifications.

  • 0.6-inch OLED display 64 x 48 pixels
  • Band GSM (2G): GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz / Bluetooth v3.0
  • MicroSIM / MicroUSB / Speaker / Microphone
  • Frame 68 x 23 x 11 mm / 18 grams (including SIM)
  • 260 mAh Battery: standby 2-3 days, 4-5 hours call
  • Packaging: microUSB cable, strap, manual, rubber earphones, headband

Our considerations

When used in hands free, the audio quality is good. There are two modes (Headset and General). In general condition, that for use as a phone and not as a Earphone, offers a decent audio volume especially in the ring. the voice quality is also acceptable. If you try to make a test call, you will not hear many differences with phones from $ 30-40 that you can buy online. The dimensions are such that the microphone is directed precisely towards the mouth; reaching approximately half of the cheek, forming a slight angle with our lips.

To manage its 18 mini keys you have to use your fingernails or fingertips if you have small fingers. Needless to say, those who have their hands too big will not be able in this operation unless you use a pencil or similar object.

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8, also has the SMS function, the phone book with 250 numbers, some advanced option (key lock, pin, alarm ringtone if you leave 10 meters from the smartphone associated with Bluetooth, call log , managing playback music via A2DP and little else). Writing a message with this keyboard can be really complicated if you do not use a sharp object, fortunately the keys make a nice click when pressed.

As regards autonomy, LONG-CZ J8 is loaded in 30 minutes (caution: when is charging does not receive or send calls) and promises 2/3 days of standby, 4/5 hours of voice calls. In our opinion the best use of such a compact phone is to use it in situations where weight and size can make a difference (eg in extreme sports), or to keep him as a spare phone for every need.


LONG-CZ J8 is an original project and funny, intended for an audience of curious fans and collectors always looking for the latest innovations, and this really is! All junctions of its plastic chassis are glued and this makes it rigid and stable, with little crunches and really more robust than what you can imagine.

It can be a beautiful gift, to be chosen in black or white, for your wife or your child. Why not buy one for you also we are sure that will become your everyday favorite phone.

The smallest phone in the world: LONG-CZ J8 Specification

Model: LONG-CZ J8
Design:  Earphone
SIM Quantity:  Single SIM
SIM Types:  Micro SIM Card
Support Language:  English

Type:  GSM
Band:  Band (2G): GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth:  V3.0

Screen Size:  0.66 inch
Screen Type:  OLED

Ports:  1 x Micro SIM card slot;    1 x Micro USB

Battery Capacity:  260mAh
Talk time:  Up to 4-5 hours
Standby time:  Up to 2-3 days

Dimensions & Weight
Size:  68 x 23 x 11mm
Weight:  18g

Package Include
Package Contents:
1 x Bluetooth Headphone
1 x Data Cable,
1 x User Manual
1 x Strap
1 x Ear Loop
2 x Ear Caps