The photos on Facebook, bigger and fast-loading


More than 250 million photos that are uploaded to Facebook every day and this is the most popular activity on social networks. For this reason, engineers are upgrading and improving many features concerning the loading and displaying images that until now have been slow to load.

From now on, the images will load faster, even twice as fast and with a higher resolution of up to 720 x 960 pixels, so picture the future and those already loaded will be shown with a higher resolution.

The photos on Facebook, bigger and fast-loading

But that’s not all, because from now on, progressively, users see the images through a new display system.
Earlier this year, it launched the first version of the photo viewer that now, as a result of feedback from users has been improved and was replaced by a viewer with a more streamlined and clean interface that makes it even more easy to display photos.
The light box is now much easier and is set on a white background, which places greater emphasis on photos, and not the surrounding frame.

The photos on Facebook, bigger and fast-loading

With this remedial work, which aims to beat the competition from services like Flickr and Picasa, Mark Zuckerberg tries to keep its users on its social networking when it comes to photography.
All the new features we’ve described will take effect gradually over the next few days.

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The photos on Facebook, largest and fast-loading