The first flexible smartphone will soon come from China

It seems almost certain that China will be the country that will put on the market the first flexible smartphone of history: the last tech frontier is about to be reached! Even if by now we talk for many years of this device, to date no one company has ever put it on the market, although it is the secret dream of two of the world’s largest producers.

The first flexible smartphone

To see the first flexible smartphone model will have to wait, at least for models of Samsung and LG, but in the meantime is from dynamic China that important changes are coming to that effect. It seems that very soon will come just from the rising sun country first flexible mobile device. In fact it seems that the small startup Chongqing Graphene Tech & Co. is preparing to launch its first smartphone for the wrist. Be careful not to confuse you! We are not talking of a smartwatch, that is to say a normal watch device, but we are talking about a phone, that instead of extracting from the breast pocket of our shirt, we can use directly on our wrist.

The first flexible smartphone: photos and features

The new device has the appearance of a bracelet with the difference that it is equipped with a display. The first model will be built with e-ink technology, and thus in black and white, with the touchscreen function realized by exploiting partially the graphene to allow to bend adapting to the dimensions of the wrist without damage.

The first flexible smartphone

In the statement released by the Chongqing Graphene Tech & Co. have been shown the first photos of Moxi, this is the name given to the first flexible smartphone of the story. We can see a good structure that involves the placement of the speaker at the top, and at the bottom we find much of the device components: processor, graphics card, battery, etc. Surely the bracelet will be the only part of device that will not change shape, while the rest of the hardware, hidden under the screen, will undergo changes and improvements over time.

Chongsheng Yu, vice president of the promising Chinese startups, said that will begin with the version in black and white and then launch the color version the following year. For the moment the flexible smartphone will be tested initially on the Chinese market with 100 thousand units sold total, to arrive successively in the US and Europe.