The best 2 player games on PC or with a friend via Internet

Play to your PC with the latest release is a lot of fun especially with the online multiplayer games that allow you to compete against other players around the world. This is very nice, but it is still a gaming experience with virtual friends because, in reality, everyone is playing by his house. Instead, if you’re with a friend at home or in the office for a break or to spend time with two children you need a game to play in two.

We have prepared a list of titles chosen from the best online games to play for two people, you can play instantly from your browser without downloading anything. Some of these you can play it with a friend simultaneously on the same PC, while others you can play with a friend via internet.

The best 2 player games on PC or with a friend via Internet

The best 2 player games on PC

Fortz is a game that requires speed. Your mission is to shoot at the opponent using guns quickly. So this is a race that the player who is faster to load the gun and shoot. Two players can play simultaneously on the same PC.

Gun Mayhem
Gun Mayhem is one of the best browser game of combat. Although it seems incredible, you can play in 4 on the same PC and on the same keyboard, but naruralmente, to play well – no tie themselves with friends – you can play well only in two, setting up good controls in the options. The game provides a super entertainment, in a context where the weapons fall from the top, players must shoot off against each other, you can also jump but beware because it is easy to fall into an abyss. If you like play with Gun Mayhem, do not fail to try Gun Mayhem 2 also to play again.

Heads Football
Heads Football is a football game with two players against one another. Controls a single player who has to defend and must score goals at the same time. The game is played in two dimensions, with a view from the side, like a fighting game old style.

Tank Wars
Tank Wars is a classic game of tanks a lot of fun with the means to combat that move and shoot, once by one, into a battlefield with 2D view.

Stick-Badminton is a game that you can play alone or in two using the same computer and the same keyboard. A player uses the W, S, A, D, keys while the other controls the game with the arrow keys. It is a fun and fast, and, given the simplicity, you can repeat the challenges with numerous games that will always be balanced.


The best games 2 player with a friend via Internet (Internet)

Instead if you want to play in two, via internet, with a friend we suggest these titles:

Speed-Sudoku allows launching endless challenges to Sudoku in which the winner will be the one that solves faster a same framework, playing in sumultanea with a friend.

Battleship online
Battleship online is one of the best sites to play the naval battle. To play with a friend just start a game and send the generated link. Then each player can place the propre ships on the board and begin to fire the shots in turn.

Ball Pool
Ball Pool is surely the best multiplayer game of Billiards for iPhone and Android. You can then challenge a friend by playing via internet every time you want. In addition you can also play it on PC connecting to the site Miniclip.

Lichess Ping
Lichess Ping is an interesting game for those who love the game of chess. In fact you can play online games fast with a friend playing via internet, with an internal chat and different game modes.

Cube-Slam is nothing more than Pong 3D to play with a friend via internet. The game was developed by Google to promote Chrome, and is great fun and, unlike the other games, it is not made with flash.

We have presented a selection of The best 2 player games on the PC or with a friend via the Internet. Of course there are many more beautiful like these and I will present them in a future article.