The battle of softwares, who is the king?

Not in the too distant past iPhone was easily the king when it came to beautiful integration of hardware and software. There was no device that came close. The difference was chalk and cheese. Android devices have come a long way in bridging the once massive gulf that existed between the quality of the two. From the caveman days of gingerbread to the stunning quality of marshmallow android is now  avery close second in the race for the best software on the planet.

iOS is still the best

It still remains a fact that iOS is still the best as it provides the most compreehnsive integration of software coupled with better security and protection from malware compared to its counterparts. Security and first availability of apps is a massive pull when it comes Apple. From its humble origins the first version of android looked like a third rate version of the iOS. The number of apps were extremely limited and security and user friendliness was disappointing to say the very least. Lot has changed since then. With the introduction of its latest update, marshmallow is a spectacular final product matching apple pound for pound.

Samsung phone vs iPhone

Let us compare the flagship phones of Samsung with the likes of iPhone today. The early models of Samsung were ugly plastic specimens that looked like ugly ducklings compared to the beautiful iPhone 4 and 5. The newer versions of Samsung with the likes of S6 and S7 are breathtaking. Coupled with marshmallow the result is amazing. The new software has such massive variety of apps it is very difficult to distinguish it from iOS. They are almost as good. The screen resolution is superior to iPhone 6s and even the charging time is miuch faster. What is a winning feature is the wireless charging which Apple is yet to adopt. Similarly on the front of protection from water S6 and S7 take a huge lead surviving in water for almost half an hour!

When it comes to storage Apple has always kept itself out of SD slot while Samsung gives its users the option to increase memory storage. Apple relies more on icloud for storage purposes. In summary, in the battle of software the once massive Apple lead has shrunk down to almost negligibility. It would be a very exciting September to see what dramatic changes iPhone 7 brings to the mobile ecosystem.