Snaplr, make and edit screenshots of your screen

Update of July 21, 2018

Being able to capture the image on the monitor is one of the most commonly used by computer users, for this reason, they have many common software programs that can save images as areas of the screen and between these Snaplr today we present a useful and lightweight little program.

Snaplr takes only a few megabytes and is available for Windows 7, Vista SP2 and also for Mac OS X.

The use of the small software is very simple:

Snaplr, make and edit screenshots of your screen

  • download the software
  • initiated and completed the installation by selecting the destination folder and the possible launch at the end of the operation
  • will appear a simple interface that will allow you to start using the single button Take Screenshot
  • click the button Take Screenshot and you will see that the screen is partially obscured
  • now, holding down the left mouse button and dragging, select the part you want to create a screenshot
  • at the end of this operation, the selected image is loaded
  • now you can draw arrows, rectangles, ellipses, insert text or draw what you want in six different colors

Snaplr, make and edit screenshots of your screen

Once you have completed your changes, you can save the image in any folder (the default format is selected. PNG) or copy it to the clipboard and then you can paste into a document.
The operations described above are valid for any area of the screen, is a very small part, but also any size, it is offered the opportunity to decide at will the area and what to save.
One of the downsides of Snaplr is the inability to choose a default size, for this reason, you can not resize images.

For the presence of the editor, the use of Snaplr is particularly recommended for those who must comment with drawings and texts saved images.
Weblink: Snaplr