Samsung Galaxy S6 will include Office is just rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 will include Office is just rumors

It is no longer a surprise: it is confirmed that in a few days, exactly on March 1, will present the Samsung Galaxy S6, its new flagship smartphone.

But the important news, according to rumors, is that the Korean giant will put aside the applications that until now have characterized, and in some cases weighed, its system by including Microsoft Office and other branded app.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 will include Office is just rumors

Although the news has not anything official, as reported by Neowin could be established since the two companies have reopened discussions to baste of commercial collaborations after a long conflict that has opposing views in court for the legal dispute that has opposing views for non-payment of royalties by Samsung for Android.

So install “standard” on the Galaxy S6 of applications such as OneNote, OneDrive, Skype could represent the winning move to seal the peace between the two giants of the hi-tech world. Furthermore, to enrich the dish, could also get the gift of a subscription to Office 365 to all customers who purchase the smartphone.

This move would be a great blow to both companies. In fact, Samsung may have software and services of the first order to offer its customers and Microsoft might finally have access to the Android world for which he is doing everything to get in.

Another interesting aspect to consider is that Samsung, becoming conscious of the mistakes made in the past, has promised a TouchWiz much more essential and light which should provide a user experience more serene and fluid buyers dell’S6.

We just have to wait for further news and confirmations. Meanwhile, waiting for his event March 1, enjoy the official video presentation that the Asian giant has released.