Run Android Apps in your PC with AMIDuOS®

Would you like to try the Android experience on your PC? Well, AMIDuOS is a Windows program that lets you emulate Android in everything and everything like on a smartphone. In fact AmiduOS is a windows software, which will allow you to fully virtualize the Android environment within Windows. Now you can use your Android system on your PC and not even have to restart: you can try for free for a month.

The advantage of allowing you to use the operating system on your own, the program also allows you to install apps directly from the Play Store, even if you are at the time of installation with the Amazon store. The apps will be run in x86 environment, and migration to ARM emulation will take place only if strictly necessary for the proper running of the application.

How to use
To use it we will have to:

  • Download AmiduOS from this link
  • Install AmiduOS using the downloaded package
  • Enable Intel Virtualization Technology from Bios, the installer will show you how to do it: this step is optional but will benefit from the performance

Google Apps
You will find pre-installed on AMIDuOS some Android applications and the Amazon App Store. The Google Play Store can be installed with the AMIDuOS update program.

To install the Google Play Store follow these steps:

After installing AMIDuOS on your Windows 7/8 / 8.1 system, launch AMIDuOS from the desktop shortcut or from the Start menu in Windows
Download the upgrade file (a ZIP file) for AMIDuOS available on the * repository.
After completing the download, open the Download folder and right-click the downloaded zip file. Then select “Apply to AMIDuOS” to start the update.
The zip package will update AMIDuOS and allow you to enjoy Google and third-party applications available through the Google Play Store.

Stability and ease of use are ensured thanks to 3D acceleration and support for most popular Windows peripherals such as cameras, sound cards, and microphones.
A good solution to easily and comfortably use all your Android applications without risking to ruin our smartphone or tablet.