RefreshPC, a small software that prevents formatting

RefreshPC, a small software that prevents formatting
When we buy a new computer or use a computer formatted, everything works perfectly and, more importantly, fast. Too bad that does not last long upon this idyllic situation.In fact, over time, someone will install many programs and uninstall it, take some malware and viruses, and after a few years our fast computer will show a significant slowdown.
To avoid this problem we should keep Windows intact, avoiding to install programs, surf the internet, play videos and photos, in short, we should not use the PC.

Microsoft knows this problem and therefore in the upcoming Windows 8 will include a system able to avoid it, but in the meantime we can use a similar system, if not better, his name is RefreshPC.

RefreshPC, a small software that prevents formatting

This is a free program that allows users to restore without erasing the data on your hard drive, then a solution to be tested before formatting the PC and lost everything we had on the computer.
RefreshPC works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. 64bit and 32bit versions.

RefreshPC, as well as restore the vital components of Windows, will also delete temporary files, and configuration files of the system, thus restoring the operating system as if it had been started for the first time.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • download the program
  • run the file. exe to install it
  • at the end of the installation, run the program
  • a window will appear with the characteristics of our operating system and Windows X  Refresh My Settings button
  • click on the button Refresh My Settings Windows X
  • the program will restore and re-configure Windows back to its initial state
  • when the process is complete click Ok and restart your computer

The first thing you notice is that the computer seems as good as new, seem formatted, even if it has never been done formatting.

A desperate situation

RefreshPC, a small software that prevents formatting

If your computer does not start and then you can not even use the program RefreshPc, you have two options to choose from:

  1. format that is the most drastic
  2. do a restore using the OS installation disk that came with the purchase of computers

Discard the first solution and see how to proceed with the attempt to restore disc:

  • insert the disc into the drive and boot to the CD/DVD
  • Repair your computer, message will appear
  • selected Windows
  • press Next
  • click Restore at startup (if you have previously created a restore point you can click on System Restore)
  • if the operation succeeds, now you can start the operating system and use RefreshPC.

Refresh PC is a system that gives us a quick recovery and little hope leads us away from the cancellation of all our data and reinstall Windows, so it’s worth a try.

Website: RefreshPC1.o

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RefreshPC, a small software that prevents formatting