QTranslate, language translator for the desktop with integrated voice synthesizer

QTranslate, language translator
Browsing on the Internet is increasingly common to find sites, files and resources developed in a language different from ours and the need to understand the information has become primary.Certainly use your PC software to translate foreign languages, is a useful function for those unfamiliar with foreign languages.

On the Internet you can find many sites offering free translation services online, but beyond this there are also tools for translators in the form of software and today we present you one of those whose name is QTranslate.

QTranslate is an excellent free program to translate languages ​​on a Windows PC. For the translations, this software relies on five well-known translation services: Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Promt Mobile, SDL and Yahoo Babel Fish.

So with QTranslate is possible to translate virtually any language, or all those supported by the translation services just mentioned. A great feature QTranslate is to have the built-in voice synthesizer through which you can hear the correct pronunciation of the text translated and inserted.

The use of the software is really easy.

Let’s see how to proceed

  • Start QTranslate and present this user interface

QTranslate, language translator for the desktop with integrated voice synthesizer


  • in the box at the top you have to write or paste the text you want translated. The language is automatically detected, therefore, initiated the translation by clicking the Translate button.
  • in the box at the bottom you can select the translation service you use, the default is Google Translate.
  • Both the text to be translated for the translated text, you can hear the correct pronunciation using the built-in voice synthesizer that in both cases you can turn on/off by clicking the icon with the little arrow.


QTranslate, history of translations

Finally, you can view at any time the history of all the translations done, so well that they can retrieve or review those made previously, to get this click tge Show history button.

QTranslate allows the use of virtual keyboards comfortable to write with letters and characters specific to other languages ​​such as Russian, turkish, Arabic etc..

QTranslate, virtual keyboard
The software is compatible with Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and 7 and is available in version to be installed and in portable version.

Website: QTranslate

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QTranslate, language translator for the desktop with integrated voice synthesizer