PathLock, with only two moves you get full control on files and folders

If your multimedia location is shared with others or want to avoid accidentally may be made of various files and folders, you can preserve the integrity of resorting to the use of the new instrument PathLock.

This is a completely free software, the portable nature (and therefore to be used does not require any installation!) And is compatible only with Windows OS, without too many problems, will take full control of the action that users can perform on a specific directory.

PathLock provides a friendly interface with which you can specify which directories users can create or rename files and folders, or can not perform any of the transactions, all in just two steps!

Using PathLock is very simple, in fact, once started, simply click on the Browse button at the Creating voice files or folders so that they can define the location for which you want to allow or not the file creation and folders, and then click Allow or Do not Allow, depending on the desired end result.

You can use the same procedure if you wish to allow or disallow the ability to rename files and folders, making sure to specify its location at the entry Renaming files or folders.

For proper operation, PathLock requires Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Download: PathLock