Open Zip Files On Your Android Device

Really there are a big list of apps to open ZIP files on Android devices but we present you only the best and more apreciated from for most users.

AVG AndroZip

AVG AndroZip-min

AVG AndroZip has for many years been one of the best free software to open ZIP files on Android. This file manager is one of the most used because it allows you to browse the device and in SD memory to open ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2 files. It also lets you quickly view many other file formats thanks to a convenient side panel that allows you to filter images, audio files, videos, and files downloaded from the Internet. Standard encrypted ZIP, 256-bit AES-128 and 256-bit AES are supported. To use AndroZIP, navigate to the path that contains the ZIP archive you want to open, select the file icon and choose an option from Extract Files here (to extract files in the archive in the current folder), Extract (for extract files in the archive to a folder of your choice) or View Archive to view the contents of the archive without extracting it. If the selected archive is password-protected, you are asked to type the password.


WinZip is definitely one of the most popular ZIP file management utilities on PC. The Android version allows you to extract ZIP, ZIP, ZIP, ZIP and ZIP files, create ZIP and ZIP ZIP archives, and extract standard encrypted ZIP files, 256-bit AES-128 and AES. With an in-app purchase you can unlock additional features such as access to cloud storage services, remove banner ads and the ability to create encrypted archives.
To extract an archive with WinZip for Android, start the app and click Continue to access the main screen. Then tap the ≡ button on the top left and select the Storage item from the side-to-side menu to browse your device’s folders. Search for the path that contains the archive you want to open and click on the icon to view its contents.
Now if you want to open the files in the selected ZIP archive, tap their icons (if this is an encrypted archive, you need to type the unlock password), but if you want to extract them in a folder of your choice, do a prolonged action on each of them they select and select Unzip to from the menu that opens. If you want to extract all files that contain an archive, make an extended extension directly to the ZIP file icon and select the Unzip to entry from the popup menu.



ZArchiver is one of the best free compression management tools available on Android. Allows you to extract archives in 7Z, ZIP, RAR, RAR5, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR, ARJ, CAB, LZH, LHA, LZMA, XAR, TGZ, TBZ, ZZ, DEB, RPM, ZIPX, MTZ , CHM, DMG, CPIO, CRAMFS, IMG (FAT, NTFS, UBF), WIM, ECM, ARC and LZIP. Allows you to create archives 7z, ZIP, RAR, RAR5, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR, ARJ, CAB, LZH, LHA, LZMA, XAR, TGZ, TBZ, Z, DEB, RPM, ZIPX, MTZ , BZIP2 (BZ2), GZIP (GZ), XZ and tar, and also to create archives in 7z, ZIP, BZIP2 (BZ2), CHM, DMG, CPIO, CRAMFS, IMG (FAT, NTFS, UBF) with password. There are no banner ads and its interface is extremely intuitive. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are not supported.
To extract a ZIP archive with ZArchiver, click on the file icon and select an option from View (to view the contents of the archive directly); Extract in (to extract the files in the archive into the current folder); Extract… (To extract the files in the archive to a folder called as the ZIP file) or Extract … (to extract files in the archive to a folder of your choice). With a small donation, you can get extra features such as Light and Dark themes, view thumbnail images in archives, store passwords, and edit files in archives.

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager-min

X-plore File Manager is one of the best free file managers available for Android. Aesthetically is poor but is not invasive with annoying notifications and is lighter. Allows you to easily navigate between device folders, network and hosted cloud storage services (eg Google Drive or Dropbox) with a split panel with tree file view. It also supports extracting ZIP files with passwords.
To open a ZIP file with X-plore File Manager, start the app, select the location where the archive is located (eg SD card if it is located on microSD, Internal memory if it is on the internal memory of the smartphone, etc.) and press on the file icon to extract. If the selected ZIP file is password-protected, enter the keyword. The extracted files will appear directly below the icon of the file in the ZIP archive.
To access cloud storage services, you need to go back to the X-plore File Manager home screen, go to Show, and select the Web Store item from the menu that opens. Now select the Web Store item that appears on the application’s main screen, select the cloud storage service to access (eg Dropbox or Google Drive) and then type its login credentials.

We remind you that all the apps we’ve submitted to you can be invoked by other apps (eg a file manager ora web browser) just select the ZIP file and select it from the Open menu that appears shortly after on the screen.