New Lenovo smartphone: modular, flexible, augmented reality

Motorola products for the mobile back in the spotlight! At Tech World conference, Lenovo, the Chinese company that bought Motorola two years ago, presented its innovative technological ideas also with the contribution of Google and Project Tango.

New Lenovo smartphone

In this period characterized by lack of innovation, all manufacturers of smartphones are desperately looking for something new to revive a market that seems to fade more and more.

At this moment one of the features that seems to have more request concerns the modular smartphone. For who does not knows what is the modular smartphone we clarify that they are a normal smartphone that can be physically modified, personalizing them with components and accessories that can be assembled and disassembled as Lego bricks. This type of models have been produced so far by Google, LG, and now Lenovo, which has just introduced its new line of smartphones called Motorola Moto Z.

New Lenovo smartphone Moto Z: more modules for every need

Moto Z is practically the thinnest smartphone in the world. Its thickness is only 5.2 mm and its body is very resistant because made entirely of aluminum. But what turns Moto Z into something special? The real novelty is represented by the so-called Moto Mods, these are small additional bodies which, thanks to a system of magnets, can be quickly dialed On-hook on the phone’s back. Many of you will ask: “But what can serve two bodies on a smartphone?” With these accessories, you can add new features to the smartphone, such as more powerful audio speakers, extra battery, and a portable projector.

New Lenovo smartphoneCompared to the LG G5 model, the Motorola Mods can be replaced at any time without removing the battery and turn the phone off. For those who want something more, Moto Z will be available with “Force” version also, with an increased thickness but with a camera, processor and more powerful battery. The marketing is planned for next September.

Moto Z and Moto Mods first look

Lenovo Moto Z vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

New Lenovo smartphone Phab 2 Pro: the first phone with Google Tango

In addition to the Moto Z, Lenovo has officially presented Phab 2 Pro also. It is a giant phablet with a 6.4-inch display with qHD resolution, metal body, 4GB of RAM, fingerprint sensor and a 4000mAh battery. As you can imagine this will be a really powerful device. But if all these features are not enough for you, here is another novelty that makes it even more interesting: the presence of Project Tango, a technology for augmented reality developed with Google. With Project Tango, the camera in Phab 2 Pro can scan the environment around us, allowing us to interact with the world in a different way from usual.

But what basically means interact in a different way? Which real benefits can give us? Let’s take an example to clarify the concept.
Imagine you to frame a room of our house, using an app we can instantly see how it would look new furniture or if a certain wall would be better-colored green instead of white. Phab 2 Pro will arrive in September at a price of about $ 500.

New Lenovo smartphone: flexible prototypes which will soon be a reality

Finally, Lenovo has not missed an opportunity to show in the Tech World also some flexible models of smartphones and tablets, both in terms in terms of the screen that the internal components. Although they are only prototypes, the result of the project is very interesting: a phone that, if necessary, can be rolled up around the wrist like a watch. Apparently, it seems a bizarre idea, but remember that the flexible technology, which we discussed here Samsung, it will be one of “summer hits” hi-tech that awaits us in the coming years.

Lenovo flexible Phone and Tablet concept