MiMedia offers 7GB of storage space on Cloud Free

Services such as ADrive or SugarSync are increasingly available and widely used, as they enable a more secure backup of their data, without the risk that the external drive that we use for important files breaks at an inconvenient time.
In this area, we note that virtually all services offer its subscribers the ability to access the service free for a limited storage space (in the case of Dropbox 2Gb, plus any bonus), to offer as a result, a greater ability to payment.

Policy is no different from the services already on the market MiMedia, a new company which is completing its beta phase in these days, and which aims to reduce competition by offering more free storage, which in this case is well-7GB , extendable up to 250GB for $ 99 a year (or $ 9.99 per month).

MiMedia If we compare with other similar tools, we note that in this case is a web interface for access to archived documents from anywhere without installing the client, you can also access their documents through the iPhone and iPad.

For the moment MiMedia only works on Windows, though the web interface still allows the use of all features, and a version for Mac OS X is already planned, so it must be released quickly.

We suggest you try the new MiMedia, if only for 7GB available for free, considering the large amount of material downloaded from the Internet more than for sharing the space to store it is never enough.

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