How To Make Money With Youtube

How To Make Money With Youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet much visited by people who can see videos related to video in any category and topic.

With YouTube you have the ability to promote economic activity in existing or start-up phase, simply making the video and uploading them on the site. Video footage can be made either at home with the right equipment, or you can turn to an external service.

And then we see in practice how you can earn money on the internet with You Tube.

YouTube gives you the opportunity to earn money in two ways:

  • Using the platform to attract customers towards your business already in operation
  • Registering on the program of paid advertising

We begin by describing the first way, we see then how to exploit Youtube to attract customers and increase sales for an existing business.

Using Youtube to attract customers to an existing business

The technique to use is quite simple: it is to record short videos related to your business, always making sure to include the address of your website in the same video. The expected result is to have an increase of traffic to your website.

To clarify the concept we make an example. Imagine that your business relates to the sale of equipment for gardening, in which case it would be productive to shoot a video that shows the store with all the shelving and various articles.

For some activities, such as this, a video will not be enough, and then it will turn several dedicating them to individual products, for example, a video may show the preparation of the ground for a lawn presenting various products and equipment required.

Think about how many people interested in the subject can view your video finding in the information they need and, having established the seriousness of the firm, it is almost certain that they will turn to you to buy. The key to making video “capturing” is to “do” and not to “talk.”

That is, we want to say that no one has to sit in front of the camera and talk about something, but that something must be done and recorded: this is the secret of a successful video and one icky. When you think of an idea for a video, always remember this rule, the only way to get the best results.

The mode that we talked about so far does not allow to make money directly from YouTube which is exploited only to direct potential customers to your site. Undoubtedly it is a great tool to attract attention and channeling people using Youtube but do not yet know your site.

Actually you can not think of promoting their business using only a site for the simple fact that no one, or the maximum a few people, you would find. So it is better to focus on getting people’s attention to where you could sell your products or services. Once you find the people who are trying their products that you’re selling, will be interested and happy to visit your site. In case you do not have a traditional business, but you have one on-line, you can promote your affiliate products through YouTube.

Again, to promote your business, it is essential to enter the web address of your site in the video. Of course the offer of your products must be relevant and competitive, this factor, together with the promotion via video, will guarantee you a good amount of traffic to your website.

With regard to the invoice of the video to be published is important that meet at least two conditions:

  • Good quality video and audio (no one would give credit to a company that has a video with poor lighting, camera vibrates, distorted sound, etc …)
  • Originality (idea, style and subject of the movie is not to be copied or even cloned) We now turn to the second way to use Youtube to use it as an advertising medium.

Program of paid advertising to Youtube

The operation of this gain mode with Youtube is simple. First you need to enroll in the program pay per click, and every time that users will click on an image ad that Youtube will show in your video, you’ll get a reward. In essence it is an advertising system very similar to Google AdSense program.