How to make money by visiting sites

Update of July 21, 2018: Some services and/or links in this article are no longer online. We recommend looking for valid substitutes.

Today we present some simple ways about how to make money by visiting sites during your free time. In these tough economic times to get financial help does not hurt. You can see how your revenue will begin to grow once you have perfected the possible strategies that can be used in the pages that we present here.

There are countless websites that allow you to earn money online, but keep in mind that not everyone is honest and you can find even fraudulent then eyes open to avoid that, after so much effort, you find yourself mocked by some dishonest.
The sites that we present here are among the safest and best known of the network, thanks to them, you get the most benefits. Is important that you are aware that you can start to see interesting gains in the medium term, and will increase with time. If your goal is to earn money quickly, this article is not for you.

How to make money by visiting sites to earn money without investment? Here are the best sites updated to February 2015.


For the simple fact that it is online and pays its members since 2008, this site gives a lot of confidence. The payments come up to a cent per click and you can be paid instantly through PayPal or Payza when you reach $ 2, but what is really interesting is the possibility of using referrers after reaching $ 0.60 of earnings. Do not get caught by frustration if at first, you will earn only pennies because your profits will begin to grow gradually. By setting a good management can expect to earn hundreds of dollars a month, without the need to invest anything.
Starting Neobux, you will see only a handful of ads and collect only a few cents, but do not despair, because what really will earn a lot of money are the referrers that the program allows you to use. Many members of Neobux have several thousand referrers through which manage to get profits of nearly $ 3,000 each month, now, of course, you are still very far from these figures that you can still be gradually.
To speed up the process and be able to start collecting referrers can perform mini-jobs offered on the site or try to get referrers directly.
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Here’s another site that continues to regularly pay its users for several years. Goldenclix is online since 2011, is a great site that offers up to 14 ways to make money without investing. Displaying ads, participating in surveys, playing, clicking the button Like on Facebook pages and using other forms of advertising, this site will allow you to earn extra money by spending a small part of your free time and without investing anything else. It also offers the possibility to directly add, rent or buy referrals, this will allow you to see increasing profits. Payment via PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay to reach 2$.
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This site has been online for many years being active since 2007. Pay a cent per click, and the payment is made via check, PayPal and PayToo to achieve the $ 8. One of the most important features is that it allows having up to 8 levels of referrals. This means that you can earn money not only for each person who will invite, but also for persons invited by this person, and so on up to eight levels of hierarchy. So, if you can have active referrers which in turn creates other referrers, your earnings will increase significantly without lifting a finger. Therefore it is important to recruit many referrers because without these gains will not take off.
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This is a site of which you’ve probably heard. It is operative since 2008 and has always paid on time to its users. Payments are made in euro using Paypal or bank transfer. Using Beruby can exploit discount coupons, earn money by doing online shopping, taking advantage of offers, planning trips with them, using comparators and much more. There is also a program of referrers, so if you invite friends and get their profits, you also receive a percentage of those profits.
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It is a new website that offers something different. The site distributes prizes among its users. So, theoretically, at least, everyone wins! To score points you need to solve minigames, the faster you can do it, you will receive more ingredients to make cookies. At the end of the month, you will get a real profit in Euros depending on the number of biscuits products. The company draws its revenue through advertising that appears during the minigames and a portion of these profits are shared among all users who have managed to produce more than 80,000 cookies. The site offers a system of referrers based on five levels which allow increasing profits, so the more friends you invite, the greater your earnings.
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This site has been online for over a year. Pay in Euros via Paypal or bank transfer to the achievement of 5 euro. The good thing about this site is that you provide your e-mail and they will send you e-mail advertising. To earn money you can simply open the email and click on advertising (note: you must first click on the ad and then on the red dot that appears to get credits) and once done you can delete the email. This system is definitely more comfortable to come in and browse the site every day. Moreover, often send even 10 or 12 emails a day and this will allow you to accumulate money slowly with little effort. You can also get 50% of the profits of the friends you invite, and 25% of the profits of the friends invited by your friends.
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Here ends this first review about how to make money by visiting sites, but be assured that soon followed by other articles with other sites: stay tuned!