Lazar Crypter, encrypt and decrypt files by acting from the context menu of Windows

As everyone knows, when you work with PC security is never enough, especially in the case of a multimedia shared with other users, so in order to avoid entering into unpleasant situations and to protect their data, is particularly useful to resort to the use of specific applications designed precisely to file encryption.

In that regard, today we present you with something simple, immediate, and at the same time, highly efficient, and all this by the name of Lazar Crypter.

But what is it? The answer is easily given: it is a completely free software, open source and used solely and exclusively on the Windows OS that does not require any setting in particular settings, allows you to encrypt your files using AES-256 bit, and thereafter to decrypt, all working directly from the context menu of the system, just as also shown in the picture as an example.

Always working from the context menu, you can also check the file integrity as well as you can copy, cut and paste so that, if necessary, to move quickly to external storage media. After installing the application, in order to encrypt a file or files, simply select as of interest, then click Encrypt the entry, enter the password you want to protect them and then click the Start button.

The file (s) will therefore be converted to the ICR format, ie the native of the application.
The ICR file, then, unlike the encryption process, but can not be decrypted collectively need to act individually on each of them by voice Decrypt the context menu.

Lazar Crypter Download