Italians Playing Online Casinos with Bitcoins

It seems that finally the era of payments and payments in bitcoins has also arrived for Italian gambling fans: on the site of the legal online casino in Italy, in fact, finally appeared among the electronic currencies accepted the magic word: bitcoin!

So finally the gap that saw the legal online casinos abroad was always close compared to the Italian ones: first to introduce the slot machines, first to introduce the live game, first to introduce the bitcoins among the accepted payment methods. rightly gave ample space to the news, because until it was discovered that admits bitcoins, the reason for this lack was not understood. Was it aams to make the whims, to doubt the reliability of the bitcoins and their decimals or were the casinos certified by aams for the Italian web not to have taken advantage of this unique and revolutionary electronic wallet? Or, finally, were the Italian casino players who had never felt the need and therefore had induced the casino aams to fly over the bitcoins?

Why this delay for the italian casino players has rightly pointed out that if, a perfectly legal casino in Italy, accepts bitcoin, it means that aams has nothing to object to; moreover, it is always pointed out by, many Italian players, in order to use bitcoins, have started again to circumvent the blocks of aams to attend the legal online casinos abroad, large users of bitcoins.

The answer is therefore only one: the aams casinos have stayed on their laurels and, until none of them has put the fateful bitcoin virtual currency on the menu, they have been waiting for the events. But here, introducing the bitcoins between its payment methods, has given a new acceleration to the events and now, surely, all the other aams casinos will update their menus accordingly.

Bitcoin and online casino: perfect combination

Bitcoin is the perfect currency to play online at aams casinos: it is continuously appreciated, is readily available and is immune to inflation. Anyone wishing to use the bitcoin decimals to play and bet online, only on for now, simply download the software that allows you to open a virtual wallet in bitcoins. All transactions with this currency are handled by the community of peer-to-peer owners, with totally democratic decisions. Those who love gambling and risk will certainly love to play with the bitcoin, the anarchist currency free of inflation. It is in fact an algorithm that emits it, in a continuous and cadenced way: 12.5 bitcoins are “printed” virtually every 10 minutes and so until about 2030, when, reached the figure of 21 million bitcoins in circulation, the algorithm it will stop producing them forever. This autonomy of management, independent of any State that limits or accelerates the emission by creating inflation, is the basis of the overwhelming success of the bitcoin., tells us the site is the first casino aams to have corrected the anomaly, all Italian, of virtual casino without bitcoins. Players who are interested in owning bitcoins, or rather their decimals, may then also contact’s support department, who should be prepared to provide any necessary information.
And to all the other aams casinos, which in the payments section pride themselves on accepting all the most valid types of electronic money, from today onwards and until they get in step they can object: “And the bitcoins?”.