HTMtied, any link to save as an HTML file

If you surf the Internet is often a particularly interesting website that wants to access without having to try again. To achieve this, the most widely used method is to act in your browser by entering the site in the Favorites or by simply saving the page with the name. But there is another method that involves using a small application called HTMtied, can create links to any link of the network.

HTMtied, any link to save as an HTML file

HTMtied is completely free and portable, which requires no installation. Its use is really simple:

  • download the file. EXE
  • before you start, look for the address of where you want to create the link
  • once found, click it with the right mouse button and select Copy
  • close the browser and run the file you downloaded
  • now click with the right key -> paste into a folder on your computer and create a hyperlink to the desired Web

In this way, you can access via any browser and any other computer (with Mac OS), smartphone or tablet, as a simple file, it is possible to copy it to another device.

Recalling that HTMtied requires no installation, can be defined as portable, you can save it on a USB stick and taking advantage of all the computers you will be using, or on which you want to save some interesting links.

The application has been truly low (only 26.5 Kb) and is available for Windows 7, Vista and XP. When you decide to not want to stop using, you will not need to uninstall, simply delete the downloaded as a normal file on your hard disk.

Weblink: HTMtied