How to use Instagram: easy and funny!

Instagram becomes increasingly popular and everyone talks about it but there are people who do not know yet and for them we wrote this article that teaches how to use Instagram. Instagram is a social network for photo owned by Facebook that allows you to use the camera of your phone to make photos or short videos and apply fascinating vintage effects. Then you can share your photos and videos on Instagram and other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, so that other people can see them and share them.
Be “infected” by this craze is easy and it only takes about five minutes to take pictures of great effect. Then we begin to use Instagram!

How to use Instagram: Installation and Register

First of all get access to the store of your operating system (Google Play for Android, App Store for iPhone and Windows Store for Windows Phone) and seeks Instagram. Then select the name of the app in the search results and start the installation on the phone by clicking on the appropriate button.

How to use Instagram

The installation process takes only a few seconds. Now start Instagram and create your free account by entering your email address into the form that you are proposed or you can authenticate via Facebook.
Next, you must type your user name and password you want to use on Instagram, set a photo to your profile and complete the registration process by first clicking on the check mark that you see at the top right and then the Yes button.
Instagram will send you an email instantly with a verification link that you must click to confirm your identity. Now, if you want to find your Facebook friends and contacts who are already using Instagram to becoming their “followers” you have to follow the appropriate procedures that begin at the end of the subscription to the service.

How to use Instagram: to post photos and videos

Now you are finally ready to use Instagram. If you want to take a picture right away and apply special effects, click on the camera icon that is located in the bottom center and make your shot normally, as when you use the camera application on your phone. If you want to apply filters of Instagram on a photo you’ve already done with your phone, click on the icon with nine squares placed on the left.

Appears a screen for selecting effects for your picture: below the image you can find all the vintage effects that you can add to the picture (scroll by moving your finger from right to left and apply them by pressing on their previews). A little further on, at the center, there is the sun icon that allows you to adjust the brightness level of shooting while on the right there is the wrench icon that allows you to adjust parameters such as sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc.

Are you satisfied with the result? Well then you can publish your photos to Instagram and other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, click the arrow that you see at the top right. In the screen that opens, you can write a caption to accompany the image in the text field, then select the social networks on which to share the photos (in addition to Instagram) and finally publish the photos online by clicking the button showing the sign check that you see at the top right.

If you want to share your photos in private, for example with a single user of Instagram, use the Direct function (tab at the top right).


Even if you want to record a video with Instagram, the procedure is very simple and almost identical to that of the photo.
So to make a video click on the camera icon, then the video camera icon placed on the right and hold the the REC button to start recording.

Please note that your videos can be from 3 to 15 seconds and, once made, can personalize it with vintage effects similar to those seen previously for the photos by clicking on the arrow in the top right. When the result is satisfactory, click again on the arrow at the top right, write a caption and choose the social platforms for posting the video.

How to use Instagram: not just to post photos and videos

Instagram is not just to post photos and video, but as with other social, you can start to browse the photos made by other users, comment or mark it with a I like the ones that you like the most and become followers of your favorite photographers. You do not know how? Now I’ll explain …

First of all, you can look at the most popular photos on Instagram clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom left.


Then enlarge the shots that you like the most touching their previews and put I like or comment the images using the buttons that are down.
If you want to browse all photos of a user and add it to the list of people who wish to follow, select its name in the top left and click on the Follow button. In this way, you will become his followers (like on Twitter) and you’ll get all your photos in your Instagram.


If you want to browse the photos published by all the people you follow on Instagram, click the heart icon located at the bottom right. On the same page, there is also a tab called you with the history of all the notifications that you have received when someone has commented or put “I Like” to your own pictures, when a friend of Facebook was registered for Instagram, etc ..

Moreover, with the functions Find friends and contacts search Find friends who signed up to Instagram and begin to follow their photographic activities: to do click on the icon of the little man in the bottom right corner and then the button menu top right (icon with the three dots).