How to See or Clear the Browsing History on PS 4

The internet browser on Sony’s PlayStation 4 recalls your browsing history, much the same as work area programs do. You can see your browsing history on the reassure – and erase it, on the off chance that you like.
Lamentably, the PS4 doesn’t offer a private perusing mode. On the off chance that you need to peruse secretly, you’ll simply need to clear your perusing history after every session.

Step by step instructions to See and Clear Your Browsing History

To discover your browsing history in the Internet Browser application, press the “Choices” catch on your Dual Shock 4 controller, select “Browsing History,” and afterward press the “X” catch.
You’ll see your web browsing history here, and you can look through the rundown and press the “X” catch on a chose website page to revive anything in your program. To clear your history, press the “Choices” catch on your controller once more, and after that tap the “Unmistakable Browsing History” catch.

How to Erase Your Frequently Used Pages

Your PS4 additionally recollects a rundown of your much of the time utilized pages (those you’ve opened a cluster recently). To open the rundown, press the “R2” catch on the controller (the correct trigger) on the fundamental perusing view.
Press the “Choices” catch once more, and after that select “Erase All” to erase your whole rundown of as of late utilized pages. You can likewise choose an individual page here, squeeze “Choices” and select “Erase” to expel only that page.

How to Delete Cookies and Cache Files?

The Internet Browser application likewise recalls treats and site information. To erase these, press the “Choices” catch on the primary perusing perspective, and after that select “Settings”.
To clear your treats, select the “Erase Cookies” alternative. To clear downloaded site information, select the “Reasonable Website Data” alternative.

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