Google Photos have 13,6 Petabyte of images

Google is much more than a mine. The amount of data that preserves the best known and used the search engine is impressive. To confirm it once again are the latest statistics on the number of files that users have entrusted to the Mountain View site, and in particular to the Google Photos service.

On the occasion of the first birthday of the platform, the big G has decided to reveal some interesting data relative to it that put well in evidence as Google Photos prove to be a solution now widely appreciated by worldwide navigators.

Google Photos: 424 years to see every single file!

According to the announced by Google, the photos uploaded by users on the service, to date, occupy a total space of 13.6 Petabytes. For those who had not very clear ideas about it we remember that 1 PB equals 1,000 TB or 1,000,000 GB. An archive of photos with 13.6 PB would require 424 years to see every single file. In addition, more than 200 million users each month rely on the platform. Still, more than 1.6 billion between animations, collages and movies were created, applied 2 trillion labels (24 billion for selfies).

In addition to rattle off these figures Google has provided some helpful tips to make the most of all the features offered by Google Photos.

Google Photos: new features

By logging on to the platform desktop version you can open a window where the keyboard shortcuts for quick execution of commands are summarized. You can then specify the exact terms in the search field to find content related to those keywords, even if they have never been specified tags or labels. Each one has the possibility to upload your pictures in high resolution without affecting in any way the amount of available space on Google Drive.

The service allows you to save an unlimited amount of photos even though giving up the high-quality original shooting. However, according to rumors in the future, owners of a Google-phone Nexus can save unlimited amount of pictures in the original format, without any quality compression.