Free Wi Fi from space by Google

Free Wi Fi from space by Google

Google launches balloons wi fi internet for everyone, everywhere!  There is little to say, Google is always three steps ahead !

Here is the latest experiment goes well, the American colossus. This opens a new frontier.
The Google team has succeeded in bringing the Internet in remote areas of the planet due to hot air balloons. That’s what it is the new project called “Loon Baloon”.

There have been raise in flight real hot air balloons, double-height compared to those routes by airlines, reach the stratosphere. The balloons are interconnected allowing them to create ground a real wifi network 3G.
The idea is brilliant and very useful .

Free Wi Fi from space by Google advantages

There are numerous advantages over the network made ​​available by satellites , we mention only a few:

  •   The flexibility of the system can widely cover related areas
  •   The cost of a structure in balloons than the cost of even a single satellite
  •   The efficiency of a network built with 24 baloons is impossible to achieve with the satellite
  •   Fields of application extend well beyond the use in remote areas of the planet

The usefulness of “Loon Baloon” it is clear, be able to offer free internet access in remote places of the earth, or even just in the city and places affected by natural disasters and, in this way, can help rescuers.

In addition, the baloon Google are environmentally friendly, non-polluting, in fact, are equipped with solar panels for energy, that are charged within 4 hours and store energy to continue functioning even at night, providing 3G connectivity over a wide area up to 40 km!

The first person to receive Free Wi Fi from space by Google was a farmer Charles Nimmo. The 50 people who signed up for the project did not even know what it was precisely because it was so secret.

Google engineers have attacked the receivers in the homes of volunteers. Nimmo was one of many people who could not get access to broadband, even in developed countries.

These balloons are powered by Google’s solar panels to which they are attached. Get signals from ground stations. Each of the balloons could provide Internet services to an area twice the size of New York City.

After Glass Project, Free Wi Fi from space by Google is another idea that will soon revolutionize the world again, of course, always signed Google.