FileSearchy, to search for files on Windows


FileSearchy utility is quick and convenient to find files on your computer.

Instantly find files by name and perform advanced searches on the content, the creation date and file size.

Supports research in many file formats (such as PDF and MS Office documents).

It highlights the found text and has a multi-card very easy to use.

The native search functionality Windows is very good. But it is certainly well known to most people that the operation of Windows Search is excellent only for certain types of files and specific paths. In fact in other cases it may not be so.

Then, in some circumstances , can be very useful resorting to the use of alternative search tools.

Who among you is looking for a tool like this, will certainly be more than happy to make the acquaintance of FileSearchy.


Instantly find files by name;
Highlighting text;
Tabbed User Interface;
Search the contents of files;
Advanced queries;
Integration into Explorer.

FileSearchy, free and useful

It is a totally free software and can be used without any problems on all operating Windows systems (both 32 – bit and 64 -bit).

Allows you to search files by providing its users two different but very useful options. Also supports a huge variety of different formats.

With FileSearchy it is possible to carry out a search of the files of interest simply by typing its name. And more you can search within the same file.

Searching for files of interest can also be customized by limiting it to specific folders. To achieve this, it is sufficient indicating the exact size, modification date or by further research in the results window.

All the files that are found can be opened immediately by double clicking the left mouse button. Instead clicking with the right button displays a context menu through which you can take advantage of additional functions such as copying, deleting, sharing, and/or scan.

FileSearchy also integrates several other interesting options which help to speed up the search process. For example in the case of the one that allows you to exclude specific types of files or folders.

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