How to Earn Money in Millionaire City

Millionaire City
Have you ever imagined being able to manage your city? It has the power and authority to construct buildings such as buildings, monuments and skyscrapers? Who has not ever wanted to be able to earn as much money to be able to do all quests? If you are part of that category of dreamers that money bring happiness , then Millionaire City is sure to please! You can find it on Facebook!

Once you are logged in to Facebook, just type the name in the search area of the game and the famous social network will take on the application page that will allow you to start your adventure!

Your goal is to turn your city into a true metropolis: follow the advice you are offered: allow you to enter the mechanism and to understand the strategies of the game.
Once your metropolis has started to come alive, you can start to earn more money.

Here’s what you can do:

First built homes and businesses (bars, pizzerias, shops , shopping centers) in the same areas, it is very important! The more people there are , the more will consume, the more things there are to be consumed and more people will be willing to spend. In this way, the activity will not have trouble gaining.



Focus on building expensive homes (make more!) And in crowded areas because these will help to increase your profit!
You can earn a lot of money renting them.
Do not forget that if you are going to find your friends improving their homes can receive bonuses of profit. Go for the city of Cindy or Ronald: if you do at least once a day you will earn each time, $ 5000!

Millionaire City, a few tricks

But in addition to strategies to increase revenues is also good to know how to avoid losing or wasting the money you earn.
First of all: if you want to buy buildings do not do it by buying it immediately, but ask for help from your friends: they will be happy to help and , in this way, will also reduce the waiting time of purchase.
Avoid bankruptcy, it would cost the definitive losses.
Finally: do not move when the buildings are still inhabited, or the time that you are missing to collect the rent will start again from scratch!