Create mini sites and stories with the WebMaker

WebMaker is the name of the application for Android smartphones and tablets released by Mozilla in the final and stable version. This is a fun app and rather curious excellent to give space to their creativity through the use of a very simple tool that lets you create mini websites with text, photos and buttons.

So, the idea behind this app is to get your hands of everyone, even the less savvy users, a tool that helps to create simple websites, which propose new content or organize material already available online. The main prerogative of WebMaker is generated pages that are fully compatible with all mobile devices, and are built using open standards for the web world.

Of course the sites created are not traditional websites but mini stories or presentations of images that remain within the network of Mozilla Webmaker ( and can be shared and sent to friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, email or through other apps. The mini-sites can be visited with the computer or with your phone using a standard web browser.

The Mozilla WebMaker app is free and only for Android devices. To use it you must register with a valid email address to receive confirmation. WebMaker use is very simple and intuitive thanks to the presence of an interface consisting of a few buttons and the few options that are sufficient, however, to create what you want.

To add an image, a button or a text box on the page, simply press the +. Use the pencil button if you want to change text, change image, change colors to the button and define the target when pressed. To have an idea of the results that you get, you can explore the mini sites already made by others, WebMaker is a simple tool to use to quickly create mini stories, interactive tests, questionnaires and photo slideshows to share in a more sympathetic than usual.