Convertii to convert PDF files into Word files


The PDF files are undoubtedly the most used. To send a document, typically, users prefer to convert it from a simple Word file (. Doc) to PDF famous not only be more professional, but also protect the text in the document that fact can not be changed easily.

This extension makes it possible to give a professional touch to document and protect the text inside.

Unfortunately, to edit a file of this type you need special software and the operation is very simple, especially for the average user.

Just for inexperienced users, there is a web application that allows you to convert a PDF file to a Word document, we are talking about Convertii.

Convertii is really very simple to use.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the homepage of the website
  • Drag the files to be converted in the box located at the center of the page
  • Wait for the service to convert PDF to Word
  • At the end of the conversion to leave a valid email address to which the file will be sent . Converted doc.

Convertii is free for three months to file with size less than 5MB .

In case there should be enough, you may use one of two versions of a fee which provides the program at very insignificant.

  • The Basic version: at a cost of $ 2 per month will be able to convert 30 files per month with a maximum size of 10MB each.
  • The Unlimited version: at a cost of $ 4 per month you can convert unlimited files with a maximum size of 30MB each.

A very useful option which we can use is the ability to import files in your Dropbox account.

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