Charge your smartphone with a plant

Charge your smartphone with a plant is now possible with Bioo Lite. The dear old photosynthesis process could turn forests into large bioelectric power central. But this is the future, for now let’s enjoy to recharge our smartphone.

This story might recall the experiments of science we’ve all done at elementary schools, wherein we tried to cultivate a seedling of lentils in cotton wool in the coffee cup, or in junior high, when inserting an electrical outlet inside of a potato and we lit a small light bulb. That is how a company of Barcelona, Arkyne Technologies, considered using a single plant for charging mobile.

The product is called Bioo Lite, and is a plant that uses the energy generated by photosynthesis to recharge smartphones, an idea that is the result of years of research. Surely you remember, digging through memories, that photosynthesis is the process by which sunlight converts carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and organic compound. The bacteria in the plant break the compound releasing electrons traveling within microfilaments. The result is a kind of electricity that is able to give power to a USB port, into which you can connect your smartphone.

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Arkyne Technologies claims that the small plant can withstand up to three loads a day. Indeed, it generates energy during the day than during the night and this would allow you to load the phone at any time.
But how long it takes to to reach a full load? Much depends on the type of battery available to our smartphone, but the time required is comparable to that of when you connect the cable to your computer. The output, however, is of 3.5 volts and 500 milliamperes of current, which is in reality little less the average of the current USB ports.

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Not all seedlings produce the same amount of energy. For example, are not recommended cactus and succulents. Bioo Lite works only when the plant is alive, so take care of it and learn a little green thumb could always come in handy. If you kill your green friend, you’ll have to replace it with another.

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The first article product, is a seedlings with 21x11x11 cm size and is available at a guide price of $ 112 on Indiegogo. The company has already exceeded its pre-set economic goal of $ 15,000, estimated to ensure shipments from December 2016.