Brand Keyboard: the keyboard with the keys of brands

There are lots of keyboards supertechnological able to satisfy the tastes of everyone, but despite the extensive selection, certainly none of you will have seen, both in stores and online in the street, Brand Keyboard keyboard … very, very special!

The keyboard, which we show is an enlargement is a complete panorama stands out from all the similar fact has been on the market for a particular well-defined: the! Yes, Keyboard Brand, whose name says it all, it should take shape, specifically, as a concept of computer keyboard truly unique in its kind to present, rather than the classic keys to which we are all accustomed to, buttons, characterized by the presence of a series of logos referring to famous brands which was first, of course, is the letter that, normally, is impressed.

The keyboard, the result from industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto Argentina, has a Qwerty layout and brand stamped on it are: Adidas, Burger King, Coca Cola, Disney, eBay, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, J & B, Kodak , Lacoste, McDonald’s, Nike, O2, Pepsi, Quaker, Rolling Stone, Shell, Twitter, Unilever, Virgin, WordPress, Xerox, YouTube and Zippo. This is, therefore, means that, for example, if we write will have to type Word WordPress, O2, Rolling Stone, and finally, Disney.

As also indicated by the inventor of Brand Keyboard, the repetition of the logos used by the psychology of advertising allows you to systematically identify the various brands more easily than usual letters which should be engraved on the keyboard.