Angry Birds for Chrome: how to unlock all levels

It is only a few hours after the official presentation by Peter Vesterbacka version of Angry Birds for Chrome and is the news that has already been “hacked” in a simple and repeatable by all.
Then we discover how to unlock all levels for Chrome Angry Birds, including specialty dedicated to the neo-washing Google browser.

As we said the operation to be done to unlock all levels Angry Birds Chrome is simply to start the game (download it from here if you have not already done so), paste a line of JavaScript code in the address bar of your browser and press the Enter key on the keyboard. The game will restart and all levels will be unlocked, ready to be played at any time of day without restrictions.

This is the code that you use to unlock your Angry Birds

javascript: var i = 0 while (i <= 69) {localStorage.setItem (‘level_star_’ + i, ‘3 ‘) i + +;} window.location.reload ();

If you come from educated crisis of honesty and want to return the game to normal, here is another javascript code which returns all levels of Angry Birds Chrome for the same state (ie locked). Here’s the code:

javascript: var i = 1, while (i <= 69) {localStorage.setItem (‘level_star_’ + i, ‘-1’); i + +;} window.location.reload ();

At this point, we can only wish you much fun and leave you a video demonstration of the trick that we have just proposed. Make the long run!