All smartphone without folding screen is antiquated!

That’s why all smartphone without folding screen is antiquated! Samsung is ready to launch new smartphone with folding screens that become tablets. The new products could see the light next year, perhaps as early as Christmas 2016!

For years we speak of Samsung project as to the realization of a smartphone with folding displays, and even a short time ago it seemed that the Korean company was almost ready to launch the new model to the point that it has also given a temporary name to his first gadgets of this type.

All smartphone without folding screen is antiquated

Today, in fact, some statements collected by Bloomberg, in anonymous form, seem to confirm the rumors leaked in recent days: Samsung would actually be about to launch on the market this new type of screens, and not only on one product, but on two!

All smartphone without folding screen is antiquated! Soon two new models!

Both of these two new models would be based on technology OLED panels and have been programmed to be launched on the market in the course of 2017. The first model is reminiscent of a clamshell phone very fashionable years ago, it should bend over in half, while the second should be a device with 5-inch screen that can bend over transforming itself into an 8-inch tablet.

All smartphone without folding screen is antiquated

These first leaked rumors remindful the concept shown in a clip produced by company way back in 2013, and prophetically titled “Samsung Announces Youm Flexible OLED Displays at CES 2013” although concerning all this rumors Samsung declared they had no comments to make.

Fans of the Galaxy S series in any case can not do peaceful sleep! Although according to Bloomberg sources, the two experimental gadgets are not intended to take the place of the top models of the Korean company, we think that a novelty like this will send in retirement even more famous models of any manufacturer.