16 Free App Android and iPhone to edit photos and movies

(Update of July 19, 2018)

We all know and appreciate the many opportunities offered by the smartphone and in particular, its characteristic of being always ready to capture a particular moment, funny or dramatic, is going on around us. With cell phones, in addition to photos, you can also make video recording live like you were using a video camera.

Until not long ago, there was a lot of fun making videos with your smartphone because, except Youtube, there were not many ways to share them with friends. Over time new applications are born to do video, correct them and share them quickly through Facebook or Instagram, to make a video from 15 seconds and Vine to shoot video of shots assembled in a loop.
But if you want to manipulate your videos shot with the smartphone so much also evolved, creating video editing and sharing the results in other modes you can do this simply by installing the many free applications available for iPhone and Android smartphones. With this app, you can create original clips and add a nice soundtrack in the background and also special effects like a pro.

Our list of 16 Free App Android and iPhone to edit photos and movies

We present a selection of the best app among which you will surely find the one that best fits your needs.

1. KineMaster – Video Editor is definitely one of the best video editor for Android phones. In addition to the traditional features allows control of color change, brightness, saturation, and even the addition of 3D transition effects. The visual effects and themes including are many. The limitation of the free version is the fact that to remove the icon from the edited video you have to buy the full version.

2. WeVideo Editor is a popular web app to edit videos online. Is also released a complete app for Android while for iPhone and iPad the app released, serves only to simplify the loading of the video to be edited later from the site. Thanks to the simple interface of the application for Android you can easily edit the video on the phone. You can add an audio file and choose from a variety of themes, and then publish the video on the site WeVideo in public or private mode. You can edit the video from your PC also as it is stored in the cloud server WeVideo.

3. VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker is an app for Android that – as the name suggests – allows you to edit and mix video and photos using the many editing tools, effects, music, to create a professional video-clip in a very simple way.

4. Game Your Video Movie Maker On The Go is a very particular set to iPhone.
It transforms video games with extravagant effects and audio transformations, also offers the opportunity to add written, captions and filters. You can also cut and combine clips or split video with a split screen. It also allows you to mount multiple videos together.
With this app, you can also apply effects while playing a video, live while recording.

5. Magisto – Magical Video Editor is another free application (although it has some limitations in the free version) for Android, which is also available as a web application. If your purpose is to create mini music clips taking the best scenes of a video automatically, there is nothing better than Magisto. The use is very easy: choose the video already recorded that you want to manipulate, too long, and with Magisto transformed it into a smaller clip mounted in a professional manner and with background music also. The great thing about Magisto is that it’s all automatic! It does it all and makes it possible to assemble together also several videos and photos fusing them together.
The free version has two limitations regarding the fact that the maximum length is limited and you can not save the video.

6. Socialcam, a free app for iPhone, which is useful if you want to record video without time limits and improve them using some filters.

7. Stupeflix Replay Video Editor allows you to create custom video and is a tool easy to use and this is probably one of the reasons for its popularity. Just select photos and videos from the album, choose a music, add text, cut out parts to be edited and especially select the preferred editing style.

8. Splice Video Editor is an app for Android smartphones or iPhone characterized by its power along with an ease of use that makes it excellent for beginners. Among the many functions to edit video, we remember the speed control of movies, the ability to add soundtracks and even record your own voice to add to the video as that of a narrator. It also comes with the classic functions of clipping and editing of videos and photos. Splice is free for iPhone.

9. Animoto Video Maker is the app for Android and iPhone that originated from web app of the same name became popular in recent years for its cinematic quality. Animoto is also an app that fully automatically is able to mount both videos and photos together in a single clip, with background music and transition effects.

10. FXGuru is a free application for Android and iPhone with outstanding features. It allows you to edit recorded videos by adding effects classics of science fiction films. You can add amazing effects as the arrival of UFOs, explosions of missiles, flamethrowers and other effects worthy of the best science fiction film. The application allows you to add various effects in a very simple and also has powerful tools to edit the video perfectly.

11. Action Movie FX app exclusively for iPhone allows you to download videos directly from the studios of Hollywood modifying and customizing them with 6 effects.

12. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is an Android and iPhone app with which you can shoot video with the camera and add themes, titles, video effects, transitions, and filters.
Also, I include special effects like slow-motion, fast-motion, music videos and FX.

13. Cute CUT – Full Featured Video Editor is an app only for iOS with which you can make drawings on a video and customize them with effects, textures, shadows and edges.

14. Vidstitch Video Collage For Instagram – Free – Frames for Your Pics and Clips is a free app for iPhone and Android.
Very simple to create a video combining photos, music, and video in one mix that you can customize and share on Instagram.

15. KlipMix – Free Video Maker is the long name of an Android app that allows you to mix video and photos getting a video complete with special effects and music.

16. Action Movie FX app exclusively for iPhone allows you to download videos directly from the studios of Hollywood modifying and customizing them with 6 effects.

That concludes our list of 16 Free App Android and iPhone to edit photos and movies, of course, there’s other considerable paid app to edit videos on the iPhone and iPad, we’ll talk soon in another article.